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Produced from high-grade raw material and advanced machines in the manufacturing process, the PVC sheets are available in several thicknesses, sizes, and colors. All our products are in adherence with the international quality standards. We have various surface finish ranging from high gloss to fine matt finish. 

Salient Features:

  1.    Excellent resistance to chemicals
  2.    Excellent electrical properties
  3.    High impact strength
  4.    Dimensional accuracy
  5.    High fire rating

Material PVC resin
Width 50mm - 2400mm
Thickness 0.05mm - 8mm
Surface Glossy/ Embossed/ Matt
Hardness 20-50 Phr
Density 1.28-1.30
Colour Extensive shades of colors
Applications Blanket bags, Mattress protectors, Bags, Tablecloth, Inflatable toys, Bath curtains, Umbrella, Raincoat, Baby bags, Mother bags, Baby mats, Water bottles, Packaging materials, Book covers, Travel kits

PVC’s affordability, durability and water resistance makes it ideal for raincoats, boots and shower curtains. It plays a critical safety role in dispensing life-saving medicine through IV bags and medical tubing. The advent of the PVC blood-collection bag was a significant breakthrough because blood bags are flexible and unbreakable, enhancing the development of ambulatory medicine and serving as the foundation for modern blood banks. Because it is durable, dependable and lightweight, flexible PVC helps packaging do its job to maintain the integrity of the products inside, including medicines. Clear vinyl is used in tamper-resistant over-the-counter medications and shrinkwrap for consumer products. The rigid vinyl film is used in blister and clamshell packaging to protect medicines, personal care products, and other household goods.

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 PVC, which are manufactured from monomers through polymerization, are solid and chemically stable substances, therefore do not affect human health.

The PVC produced in this way is in the form of a white powder. This is not used alone but blended with other ingredients to give formulations for a wide range of products. The presence of chlorine in the molecule makes PVC particularly versatile because it makes it compatible with a wide range of other materials. The chlorine content also helps to make PVC flame retardant. PVC formulations can be shaped by a variety of techniques and, using very little energy, made into the final product form. PVC polymer is chemically stable, neutral and non-toxic. PVC formulations have a wide range of applications including the most sensitive, such as medical equipment, plus construction, automotive and electrical cabling.



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