Concrete Tactile Tile

Quick Overview

Constructed from high strength and high wear resistant cement concrete tiles, this tactile warning system helps in assisting the blind and vision impaired pedestrians. They are made of efflorescence free materials and UV resistant color pigments.

Salient Features: 

  1.    Abrasion, Salt and Water Safe
  2.    Non-slip
  3.    Durable
  4.    UV resistant
  5.    Robust

Material Wet Cast technically advanced high strength concrete mix
Dimensional Accuracy All dimensions accurate to +/- 3mm
Strength/Durability High-density mix design
Compression Strength 48 mpa
Water Absorption <6%
Wet Transverse Strength >4.5N/
Thickness(Wearing Layer) >8mm
Colours UV resistant colours (As per order)

Tactile Tiles is a system of textured ground surface indicators found on many footpaths, stairs and train station platforms.Tactile paving is a textured tile used widely on foot paths to assist the visually impaired pedestrians. Tactile Marking is developed to maintain the safety of the visually impaired and older drivers due to deterioration of visual capabilities with the age



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